“My passion is to educate on wellness…and create health.”

photo-signature“I consider myself your partner and facilitator in health. My approach is very much like that of a detective…every clue is necessary and important to help me uncover the core reasons why you have dis-ease patterns in your lives. I combine my clinical knowledge, education and intuitive skills to assess your individual needs. I treat people – not diseases – using a true holistic approach, which means you are an individual and everything is taken into consideration; your environment and lifestyle, also who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I love helping you! Over the past 20 years, I have helped thousands reach their full healing potential. Call now to start on your healing journey!”




skinYour Skin Speaks!

Your skin is really a reflection of what is going on inside! And as we near the end of summer, we might want to take a look at what your skin is trying to tell you.  The body never lies and gives us many clues as to what is going on and how we can improve! Here are some clues as to why your skin might be acting up: Read More

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